Kitchen Order Pad is a part of the Visual Menu series, where it compliments Visual Menu software perfectly. However, it also works just fine independently. KOP is designed to eliminate unnecessary movements of the attendants or captains in your restaurant. It is the functionality of KOP that, it notifies the kitchen on every order. The Kitchen could be notified through Network printers or on the Display Monitor using WIFI. Accuracy and Speed are the virtues of KOP. Planting KOP would Increase the speed of operations by 20% to 30%.

  • Responsibility of the waiter: Every Order placed will be done by the waiter/ attendant on his Tablet (handheld device) through KOP. Where he will be responsible for every KOT generated and the same will show by punching in his name on the printed KOT. This is done as he logs in his device initially.

  • Table Status: Table status would educate the attendant about the tables that are occupied, free and reserved. In this manner the attendant would be in a position to direct the customers to their respective tables easily.

  • Food item display: KOP is devised to display the food items on demand by the customers. This would not be the case if PVM or BVP is already in its required place.

  • Open end to integrate to your existing software: Kitchen Order Pad is modelled to integrate with the Existing Billing software or PMS. KOP is kept open on the other end where in installation of this would not disturb your existing working nor would make your working shift on a newer platform.

  • User friendly interface: The entire order placing can be done by few clicks. So also the design of KOP is such that even a child could be well versed with it in no time.

  • Independent billing system: For newly opened Restaurants, KOP also comes with the Billing system which works independently; the same will have its separate data base taking care of all the records.

  • Flexible in order customisation: Every order placed can be in accordance with the taste and means of the customer. And without any extra effort the same can be notified to the kitchen.

  • Follows all the rules of the hospitality industry: KOP adheres to all the commonly followed practices in the hotel Industry; and hence it has taken into consideration right from giving a cancellation reason to that for the Reverse KOT to Non chargeable KOT.

  • Report generator: EOD (end of the day) reports could be generated. Right from the most sold items (category wise and section) to the bills generated to cancelled KOTs. These reports can be viewed statistically and also graphically as bar graphs, pie charts and line graphs making it easy to come to conclusion.

  • Favourites: Deriving from the same Data of the reports one can make a list of favourites or in other words the “hot cakes” of the restaurants. This would be easier for the attendant or captains to suggest the guest while placing the order and also for him to place it.

  • Architecture:

    Technical Specification/Requirements:
    • Android Tablet
    • 7 Inch or higher
    • Android Version 4.0 or higher
    • Wifi connectivity

    • Desktop/laptop
    • 32 bit / 64 bit
    • OS :- Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
    • Minimum Resolution:- 1280X720 pixels

    Wifi Connectivity:
    • Good wifi connectivity covering the hotel/restaurant area.
    Other dependent software:
    • Xampp server1.7.7
    • Mysql 5.5

    • Epson TM-T88V network Printer (Thermal).
    • Epson TM-U220B network Printer (Dot Matrix).

    Premium Visual Menu


    The Premium Visual Menu, the up-graded and perked-up version of Basic Visual Menu is designed to simplify the customer's understanding of the offered menu and to bid an interactive and a personalized service. It is a guide in an alien land for tourists as it offers their mother tongue swaying them with ease.

    Kitchen Order Pad


    Kitchen Order Pad is an electronic Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT). The attendant/waiter can place an Order from the tablet without moving away from the table, notifying The kitchen as well as the cashier. The Device is being modeled to eliminate the human errors and unnecessary movements of the same.