The Premium Visual Menu is an intangible wonder that is brimmed with functionalities and is perked up with Features. PVM have all the facets of the Cardboard Menu card and more. Every Item is displayed on the Menu has a visual presentation of the same – there countless images and pictures of the food items and can be shared along with a Video. As all the food items are leagued into unlimited, customisable sections and categories in a presentable manner, and the Description of every item narrows down the choice of your customer!!

PVM has everything an Hotelier could ever ask for. The same menu can be used for Al a carte, Buffet and even for showing combos. It has functionalities range Right from spice indicator to that of a search engine on the menu!! Premium Visual Menu is designed to simplify the customers Understanding of the offered menu and to bid an interactive and personalized service.

  • Multiple language option: It is a guide in an alien land for tourists, as it offers their mother tongue to understand the displayed cuisine. PVM aids the foreign tourist to place the order without any confusion, as the description of the entire menu could be changed by click of a button.

  • Works without WIFI: Premium Visual Menu works independently without WIFI. PVM relieves the hotelier from the burden of having a WIFI in the restaurant for Premium Visual Menu to work as there is an offline option for it to run. The Menu card of PVM works smoothly without the WIFI.

  • Search Engine: This function of PVM is solely dedicated to curious customers. Wherein, the customer could view all the chicken dishes available in the menu under one bracket and can then chose from. Even the search engine is capable of displaying the visual with its description.

  • Feedback mechanism: Customers’ words and their thoughts, they can pass through the Feedback Mechanism. The current customer can view the feedback given by previous customer – which is a free promotion of your hotel. And once he is done even he can place his review in terms of comments and ratings. The same will appear on the PVM once authorized by the hotelier.

  • Multiple price option on the same Menu: PVM in a restaurant gives you the power to have different prices on the same Menu card. Wherein, the same can be used in the different sections of your same restaurant by pricing it higher than the other or could be used during seasons and festival times.

  • Multiple Currency Option: Here you can have the option to set the price on your menu card in the currency other than the legal tender. Which means the same Menu card can run in the same Restaurant with Rupees, Dollars, Russian Rebels and even with Euros simultaneously.

  • Pinch Zoom and Spice Indicator: Every item could be zoomed in to get a better glance at it or to simply increase the appetite. Along with that PVM also has the spice indicator to educate the customer about the spice level.

  • Architecture:

    Technical Specification/Requirements:
    • Android Tablet
    • 7 Inch or higher
    • Android Version 4.0 or higher
    • Wifi connectivity

    • Desktop/laptop
    • 32 bit / 64 bit
    • OS :- Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
    • Minimum Resolution:- 1280X720 pixels

    Wifi Connectivity:
    • Good wifi connectivity covering the hotel/restaurant area.

    Other dependent software:
    • Xampp server1.7.7
    • Mysql 5.5

    Premium Visual Menu


    The Premium Visual Menu, the up-graded and perked-up version of Basic Visual Menu is designed to simplify the customer's understanding of the offered menu and to bid an interactive and a personalized service. It is a guide in an alien land for tourists as it offers their mother tongue swaying them with ease.

    Kitchen Order Pad


    Kitchen Order Pad is an electronic Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT). The attendant/waiter can place an Order from the tablet without moving away from the table, notifying The kitchen as well as the cashier. The Device is being modeled to eliminate the human errors and unnecessary movements of the same.