Visual Menu Series:

Visual Menu Series is for every Hotel / Restaurant who wants to match its taste of food with its ambience and its class of customers. This is the very milestone in the hotel industry, which is going to bring about a revolutionized change. With a technology that is easy to use, convenient to have and chic to fit in, ROI will be at your doorstep the next day.

Premium Visual Menu:          
The Premium Visual Menu is an intangible wonder that is brimmed with functionalities and is perked up with Features. PVM have all the facets of the Cardboard Menu card and more. Every Item is displayed on the Menu has a visual presentation of the same – there countless images and pictures of the food items and can be shared along with a Video. As all the food items are leagued into unlimited, customisable sections and categories in a presentable manner and the Description of every item narrows down the choice of your customer.
PVM has everything an Hotelier could ever ask for. The same menu can be used for Al a carte, Buffet and even for showing combos. It has functionalities range Right from spice indicator to that of a search engine on the menu!! Premium Visual Menu is designed to simplify the customers Understanding of the offered menu and to bid an interactive and personalized service. Read More

Premium Visual Menu
Kitchen Order Pad:               
Kitchen Order Pad is a part of the Visual Menu series, where it compliments Visual Menu software perfectly. However, it also works just fine independently. KOP is designed to eliminate unnecessary movements of the attendants as the KOP does it for the waiter. It is the functionality of KOP that, it notifies the kitchen on every order. The Kitchen could be notified through Network printers or on the Display Monitor using WIFI. Accuracy and Speed are the virtues of KOP. Planting KOP would Increase the speed of operations by 20% to 30%. Read More

Kitchen Order Pad

Premium Visual Menu

Restaurant Menu Software

The Premium Visual Menu, the up-graded and perked-up version of Basic Visual Menu is designed to simplify the customer's understanding of the offered menu and to bid an interactive and a personalized service. It is a guide in an alien land for tourists as it offers their mother tongue swaying them with ease.

Kitchen Order Pad

Kitchen Ordering System

Kitchen Order Pad is an electronic Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT). The attendant/waiter can place an Order from the tablet without moving away from the table, notifying The kitchen as well as the cashier. The Device is being modeled to eliminate the human errors and unnecessary movements of the same.