Basic Visual Menu is a Tablet based Menu System!! BVM has all the facets of the Cardboard Menu and more. Every Item which is displayed in the Menu has a visual presentation of the same – there are countless images of the food items along with its corresponding Video. As all the food items are leagued into unlimited, customisable sections and categories in a presentable manner allowing the customer in quicker order selection!

View the Basic Visual Menu ONLINE DEMO
• Displays unlimited images of the food items and video of the same, helping your customer in choosing the delicious item on your menu.
• Password protection for configuration and exiting the VM application so that BVM serves as a Menu only.
• Unlimited Categories and Menu Items.
• Customised Hotel 'Logo', 'Name' and 'About Us' so that you can give your Hotel touch to it.
• Wireless handheld device; works on WIFI – Which makes it easier to connect and edit items as and when required.

What can you do with BVM?
• Customise your menu the way you want, with your images and videos! Leads to impulsive buying.
• Increase your sales and table turnover, with modern tech gadgets! Makes you stand out.
• Making your today’s special appear in your menu! Let it be special.
• Improves the productivity of your attendants! Let BVM do the explaining of the Menu Items.
• Free from commercial Advertisements! Let your customers only view the Food menu.
• Al a Carte or Buffet, BVM can accommodate it all! Buffet and Combos can also find its right place in BVM.

Why can’t the customer Order from Visual Menu?
• Cause you have your attendants to do it.
• Cause you wouldn’t want your customers to place a wrong order and not be responsible for it.
• And cause mostly you wouldn’t want your customer to do the work of your attendants.


Technical Specification/Requirements:
• Android Tablet
• 7 Inch or higher
• Android Version 4.0 or higher
• Wifi connectivity

• Desktop/laptop
• 32 bit / 64 bit
• OS :- Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
• Minimum Resolution:- 1280X720 pixels

Wifi Connectivity:
• Good wifi connectivity covering the hotel/restaurant area.

Other dependent softwares:
• Xampp server1.7.7
• Mysql 5.5

Premium Visual Menu


The Premium Visual Menu, the up-graded and perked-up version of Basic Visual Menu is designed to simplify the customer's understanding of the offered menu and to bid an interactive and a personalized service. It is a guide in an alien land for tourists as it offers their mother tongue swaying them with ease.

Kitchen Order Pad


Kitchen Order Pad is an electronic Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT). The attendant/waiter can place an Order from the tablet without moving away from the table, notifying The kitchen as well as the cashier. The Device is being modeled to eliminate the human errors and unnecessary movements of the same.